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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Power of a Half Hour

The Power of a Half Hour by Tommy Barnett tells us that in only takes a half hour to make a difference at times. Tommy Barnet is a pastor who is trying to help “people connect with God and find better ways to live.”  In this book he gives us examples and advice on how to take our life in 30 minute increments. He tells stories of 30 minute events that have changed lives.
The book is broken into 7 parts with approximately 5 chapters in each part. Part 1 tells us how the power of a half hour can impact our lives. Part 2 tells how to chart your life in half hour increments. Part 3 teaches how to strengthen faith, part 4 how to build character. Part 5 is about advancing your dreams. Part 6 how to improve relationships and finally part 7 how to change the world. Each idea is that you can accomplish these things in 30 minute sessions.
Pros: There were some really good points made that sometimes it only takes 30 minutes to get things done and to make changes in our lives for the good. It doesn’t always take a lot of effort on our parts just the willingness to follow through. Any of us can take 30 minutes at a time to do something productive. He’s not saying that everything can be done in 30 minutes but if we take small bits of time it isn’t as overwhelming. He spoke of meetings not lasting more than 30 minutes because if preparations had been made before the meeting that would be all of the time it should take. I like this concept because sometimes meetings get off track. If we know we have 30 minutes maybe there wouldn’t be anyone getting off on another rabbit trail. He made some really good points on communication and taking criticism and turning it into a growing experience
Cons: It was exhausting to me to read the number of 30 minute activities that Mr. Barnett does in one day. It felt to me as if it is an all consuming concept. Maybe it would be best to implement a few ideas at a time until it becomes common place. The book seemed to become redundant after a while with all of the 30 minute examples but I do have to say about the time I would get bored I would come across a point that applied to me.
Overall I enjoyed the book but there were times I felt like I just wanted to get through it and it seems as though this pastor came from a very legalistic denomination although he doesn’t push those beliefs in his book.
I received this book from Waterbrook/Multnomah at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

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