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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

As Silver Refined

Do you ever wonder why bad things happen? Why so many disappointments happen in your life? And as a Christian why does God allow these things to happen when you are trying so hard to do the right thing? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions As Silver Refined is the book for you. Kay Arthur does a wonderful job in exploring these questions. I have to say normally I lean toward fiction but I was drawn to this book when given the opportunity. It was just what I needed as just the right time. The author has done a beautiful job to help one understand why disappointments happen in our lives and as Christians how we should respond to those disappointments.  I love the way she includes scripture to back up everything she is saying and that they aren’t just her opinions. She has included letters from people who have been in her life in one way or another through the years, some of which brought tears to my eyes. As Silver Refined has inspired me to do better and to look at life differently and it makes me want to be more thankful to God even in the bad times because He has me in His hands and He knows what is best for me. I can’t see the big picture but He is the all knowing God. I definitely will read more of her books and can’t wait to do so but as of now this one is my new favorite book. I would highly recommend this book to everyone out there because we all have to deal with bad things in our lives.  I never read a book twice but I think this one will get a lot of use.
I received this book at no charge from Waterbrook Press in exchange for an honest review.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crazy Dangerous

Crazy Dangerous by Andrew Klaven a book written for a younger crowd is very well written and I think most 12 and up kids would enjoy it.

“Sam Hopkins is a good kid who has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Hanging around with car thieves and thugs. Sam knows it’s only a matter of time before he makes one bad decision too many and gets into real trouble.”  Sam ends up meeting and strange schoolmate, Jennifer. Jennifer sees stuff and may be a little “crazy”. Sam and Jennifer become friends and Sam learns things that now he has to deal with.

I enjoyed this book as an adult but it is obviously written for youth. I like all genres so it was a good read for me. If you know a young person who loves mysteries I believe I can safely say they will enjoy this one. My daughter is now reading it. It is a little slow to start with but after a few chapters it starts picking up. I didn’t figure it out right away but near the last few chapters it started getting easier to figure out what was happening.

I would purchase more books from this author for my daughter.

Crazy Dangerous was provided to me a no charge from in exchange for an honest review.