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Monday, September 30, 2013

Heritage Kit by Project Life

I just received my second Project Life Core Kit from . I love genealogy and have been looking for a way to do a scrapbook of all of the wonderful, old family pictures I have collected over the last few years. Once again life has gotten in the way and I haven't had the time to sit down and finish scrapbooks the way I would like to. Becky Higgins just released the Heritage Core Kit and this has become my perfect solution. When I saw that this kit was coming I waited patiently  not so patiently on this kit. I was keeping a close eye on her blog awaiting the announcement of this new kit. Well it finally hit the shelves of amazon and I purchased it quickly. My hat's off to amazon who got it to me in 2 days. Thank you amazon prime :) Now I have my solution and I have been getting my pictures together. I'm a little weird, I will scan all of my originals and keep them in a safe place. I will likely scrap the copies. I know this sounds strange but I keep my scans on dvd's in a safe and these irreplaceable originals will also go into the safe.
When I received my kit I immediately fell in love with the mute brown and black tones. The cards will work well with any type of picture; colored, black and white, as well as sepia. Keeping with the great quality of the designers of Project Life the cards come in a sectioned box with a magnetic closure with suggestions to help you get started on the lid. I loved this kit so much when I opened the box but then it hit me I have some photos that I would like to feature on a traditional page so I immediately went shopping again. :) I purchased the matching 12x12 papers and the page dividers. Although, the pages will not be divided on a monthly basis I will divide they my generation.
The 12x12 papers are of the same quality as the core kit cards, my only complaint would be they do not come packaged as well as the cards. They are packaged with a cardboard insert to keep the papers from bending and then shrink wrapped. They aren't as easy to store with the kits as I would like them to be. Once they are opened they are loose and could easily be damaged. It would be nice if the paper had better storing packaging. I used the box that my page protectors came in to store the paper so that it wouldn't get damaged or seperated from my kit.
 I'm hoping to finish this album and include some family history to pass on to my daughter and hopefully she will be able to pass on a little of our heritage to her children if God sees that in her future.

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