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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Everything Beautiful

Everything Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Inspiration and Reflection is done by various artists. “”Open this coloring book and be reminded of splendor everywhere. Beauty abounds in the extraordinary and the ordinary… and even in the mundane.”  This coloring book allows you to reflect using spiritual Christian quotes. This book is very similar to Whatever Lovely.
It is beautifully done single pages but the back side includes scriptures, songs, or poem to go along with the picture on the other side. It also includes the illustrator. The paper is very thick almost a cardstock thickness. The illustrations are perfect for those who don’t like tedious or small spaces to color in. The lines are bold. Some of the pages are more detailed than others but pretty simple. Pencils work well and if you don’t mind bleed through with markers they will work well also. Markers will not harm any other picture if you place a sheet between pages but it will mar the scripture or verses on the reverse side. Water based markers probably won’t bleed through but I haven’t tried.
This coloring book is perfect for those whose vision may be a little poor and perfect for reflection. A great way to color, relax and reflect on God. It is Christian based so keep that in mind if that isn’t something you enjoy. Myself I absolutely love it!!! Whatever Lovely has been a strong go to for me in the past and I’m sure this one will be too. I believe both of these books are probably the best quality books I have as far as coloring books go.
I received this book from at no charge in exchange for an honest review.  You can purchase your copy here 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible

I absolutely love adult coloring books and journaling so my next review is will be a journaling bible that is also a coloring bible. It is the NIV Beautiful Work Coloring Bible. This bible brings together two of my favorite things, journaling and coloring.
The bible has pages with quotes that you can color as well as a few full pages to color. There are also plenty of blank spaces to do your own journaling and art work. The pages are thicker than usual bible pages to enable coloring. I would suggest using micron pens or pencils. Water color will buckle the pages but if that doesn’t bother you it makes from some very pretty journaling.  I don’t think I would use any kind of marker but that is just my opinion. I have seen some people coat the pages with gesso or something similar to keep bleed through from happening.
The word art and art work throughout the book is done by various artists so there is a variety of styles. There is an index listing the artist and their pages at the end of the bible.  I will say the scripture is quite small and a little hard on my older eyes. There are no really study sources in the bible such as a concordance or anything similar. It is basically scripture with coloring spaces and journaling spaces and that is about all.  There is a table of measurements included.
If you like journaling and coloring as well as NIV you will probably like this version. I have a KJV coloring and journaling bible that I actually prefer but I really like that I have this one too. I received this bible from in exchange for an honest review.

The Night Voyage


The coloring book “The Night Voyage” by Daria Song is a “magical journey of a little girl who joins her toy train conductor on the eve of her birthday to distribute gifts across the globe, from Paris to London to Granada.” This unique coloring book is not only for coloring but it also is a story. I love Daria Song’s books. I also have The Time Chamber, which was my very first adult coloring book. I have to say it was very intimidating to me. But The Night Voyage doesn’t seem as daunting to me. I don’t know if I’m just used to the coloring books or if it isn’t quite as intricate.
The images are whimsical as the little girl flies through the night. Her magical journey is taking her through the skies. The book is full of happiness, twirls and swirls, a mountain of fun. And if you are a cat lover there are a lot of pages with adorable cats.
The pages are double sided but very thick, quality paper. The images range from very simple to very detailed so you have a very nice variety. I’m thinking that pencils or water based markers will work best in this book because if you use alcohol based will bleed through and ruin the page on the backside. This is a very nicely done coloring book and exceptional quality. It is among my favorites.
If you love sweet stories and adult coloring books full of fun and whimsy grab this one!!!!  I received this book from in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase a copy here.